We Are There When Your Pet Needs Care

Let’s face it, life throws us curve balls almost every day and we need to be prepared for ourselves and our pets. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, don’t hesitate to call or come in. The staff, at All Pet Care, are always here to help. Our hospital is well equipped with the tools needed for diagnosing your pet. We offer ultrasonography, radiography, a surgical suite, blood analysis, and urine analysis, among others for identifying injuries or disease processes in the body. Our staff is knowledgeable and can quickly evaluate your pet. A technician is always available to triage any incoming daytime emergency, and if needed can go get a doctor right away with or without an appointment. We help in numerous circumstances of emergencies, from emergency surgery due to wounds, to allergic reactions, trauma care, pets who have been hit by a car, to seizures, and much more. In addition, we work closely with specialists around the area, and if necessary we can refer your pet to a specialist for further evaluation.

Daytime Emergency

During the day, you can always come right over if you have, or even think your pet is having an emergency! If you give a quick call on the way over, we can meet you at your car, help your pet into the building, take care of your pet while you finish your admittance procedures. Emergencies are triaged and assessed for patient comfort and life stability before anything else we do. A pet in pain or in a life-threatening condition is our top priority.

New to the Clearwater, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Largo, Palm Harbor area?

You should see us for your emergency care and medical needs. Even if you do not have your records, or your pet has never seen a veterinarian before, immediately call 727-442-9111, and drive over for help! All Pet Care will take care of your pet and you (in that order, of course), so that you both feel happier and healthier after every visit.

Nighttime Emergency

Call 727-442-9111 any time of day or night. Dr. Singh or Dr. Rixford will advise you as to whether you need to meet us at the hospital for emergency care, whether we can meet you early in the morning if it is safe to wait, or whether you need a specialty emergency hospital right away! Your pet’s health is important to us; call us today with any questions or concerns. Whether your pet’s case is an emergency or a routine visit, the staff at All Pet Care is here to assist you with whatever you need.